Order online

How to order through our customer portal

Placing your license order online in our customer portal will save you money and time. Using the customer portal you can:

  • order a new license key for think-cell,
  • add further users to an existing license key, and
  • renew a license key that will expire soon or have expired.

You will always receive your licenses immediately after placing your order in the customer portal. Delivery will only take a few minutes.

When placing your order online you can use any invoicing address and will always receive a complete invoice. You can pay by wire transfer or using a Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit card.

Even if your organization demands the creation of a purchase order for proper invoicing, you can order online. Please create your internal purchase order first. There is no need to send us this purchase order, but you will need to refer to its number when placing your order online.

You have no portal password?

Don't worry. You actually don't need one. Simply provide your work email address and we will send you all necessary access information.

You have a portal password?

Simply provide your work email address and password to access the portal.

Please refer to our privacy policy on how we protect your personal data.


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